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Hello Friends!

Today for another lifestyle post I wanted to talk about Tumblr. If any of you don’t have it, it’s a blogging website that focuses on media like pictures, gifs, videos, music and audio posts, texts etc. Whatever blogs you follow show up on your dashboard, and you can reblog from them as well as search and comment and all that jazz. Another cool aspect of this website is the archive button. I’ve had a Tumblr since right before my freshmen year of college, so when I click the archive button it shows me a smaller image version of everything I have been blogging that month. You can go back to previous years, so today I thought I would screen cap my April archive posts from now back through 2011 and put them here! I notice with my Tumblr, depending on what i’m going through in life, my posts and reblogs reflect that heavily. It’s like a mini diary. 






It’s interesting to see what TV shows, movies and music I was interested in at this time for the past 3 years. It’s also interesting to see what’s the same. History does repeat itself, guys! Looking back at the royal wedding, to a clear Marina and the Diamonds obsession, to inspirational quotes to get my through tough times… it’s a lifestyle throwback indeed! Reminds me of April favorites as well.

I would highly recommend everyone get a Tumblr and start blogging your interests. It’s a great way to reflect. 

Have a good week :]



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