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New York is home to some of the modeling industry’s most sought after women, and Karlie Kloss has been taking the streets by storm. 21, 6’1”, and fabulous, Kloss has been busy as ever this season walking in the ready to wear shows of the fashion world’s biggest designers. Her presence on the runway is strong and bold, but what has her street style been like?

Comfortable and fabulous is the name of her game in 2014. Staying warm in the NYC weather, Kloss’s style embodies casual chic to a T. Long coats, black boots and jeans are staples in her wardrobe like the outfit she wore leaving the Michael Kors Fall 2014 RTW show at fashion week. Kloss kept things on point by pairing a snake print Kors bag with black ankle boots, dark jeans and a warm but trendy sheepskin coat.

Basics are a key part of her street style. While out in SoHo shopping on February 2, Karlie sported another casual ensemble of jeans, a grey hoodie, black boots and a black pea coat. Pulling things back to her natural but chic ways, she threw a black turtleneck under the hoodie to tie the whole look together. If you want to be comfortable with a hint of class, this is how you do it ladies!

When Kloss does choose to dress things up, basics are not tossed aside. Black capes, leather trousers and cashmere scarves are must haves in her wardrobe, with her hair never straying far from loose waves or a sleek pony tail. You wont see heels on this tall beauty when out on the streets of NYC; you can count on basic flats or boots in, you guessed it, black!


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